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The Catholic Communicator

The Catholic Communicator Newsletter has been a weekly publication for The Archdiocese of Santa Fe for the past 50 years. All the announcements in The Communicator follow approval guidelines from the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.

The purpose of The Communicator is to connect the ASF faith community through the publicity of events, ministries, celebrations, classes or other opportunities available to all. 


This publicity provides the readers with the opportunity to participate in a variety of ministries throughout the ASF, strengthening their own faith and strengthening the bonds of the whole Catholic Community as new relationships develop.

The Catholic Communicator is provided as an option to any church receiving bulletins from JCPress/The Catholic Communicator. It is also available for a small charge for any other ASF church.

We have a number of different formats for The Catholic Communicator and we are sure there is one that would meet your needs. 

Individuals may request to subscribe to The Catholic Communicator. Please contact us to subscribe.

Any ASF Priest or authorized ministry staff may submit announcements by email for The Catholic Communicator. Please submit all announcements 2 weeks prior to your first requested date of publication. For more guidelines for announcements, please email  or call: / 505-856-0333.

To view a recent copy of The Catholic Communicator, please click HERE.

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